Hi, I’m Irene!

“Everything that comes from heart will goes back to heart.”

I remember this statement told by my friend a couple years ago when I start to revise this “about me” page in 2017. This blog (hopefully) comes from heart and may touch hearts also 🙂

This blog belong to me, Irene B. Batoarung.

You may find me at twitter @b_airin, or instagram @b_airin, or maybe Facebook and Linkedin for my professional background.

Anyway this blog is about my daily activities and thoughts. The main purpose actually to record my random life into words. Hopefully at one point (or many points) in my life I may read the posts again, and remind myself to learn from my “past self” or maybe makes me to thrive for the better future. Ha!

Oh, and I hope that at some posts I may share what I know, my passion, my work, or maybe culinary tips.

Lastly, thanks for reading and hope you enjoy!



-Irene- 張艾琳

Blessings ^^


4 thoughts on “Hi, I’m Irene!

  1. Marimo-head 18 Juli 2009 pukul 11:32 am Reply

    haha… irene punya WP juga ya 😀
    gw add linknya ya, tau gw nda??

  2. laifofairin 18 Juli 2009 pukul 2:28 pm Reply

    iya tut, kagak update bgt
    masih cupu ngeblog T.T
    yup, tar gw link-in jg yaaa..

    • Septebrina Situmorang 20 Juli 2010 pukul 3:29 am Reply

      Rence… Hohoho… Tautin blog gue juga ya.. baru belajar nih… Hehehe

      • laifofairin 10 Mei 2011 pukul 6:55 am

        oke cecep! *maaf setahun br balas, haha

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