Coming Soon : Christmas!!!

10 days more to Christmas!!! 🙂

so, what’s your present to God? maybe you would say : “wait a minute, present to God? ” yes indeed my dear, what’s your present to God? Some people always think about Christmas as a time when they receive presents, lot of present. But, here is the thing, have you think it again, how about reversely it’s you, who give the present instead?

Christmas is time to share with everyone, we “celebrate” Jesus Christ’s born-day for He is the world’s saviour. We always having a great Christmas, by make it unforgettable; we even make parties! Anyhow, here is the thing, Jesus, the KING, was coming to the world in a very sad situation. Her mother, Mary, was couldn’t find any suitable place to labour, and finally just could get lamb’s cage as “a maternity hospital”. When Jesus was born, He was placed in manger, a place to keep the food/water for the lambs. Hmm, let’s think again. Before I said that a King is born, a Saviour is coming in a animal’s food stall???

When everyone mention “king” what comes to your mind? A blessed man who inherit the power and have many people that he can order? a man that lives in luxurious castle with great servants to serve him? and now, who would believe that there is a King who was born in inglorious place as where animals lives?? nah, no one would believe it anyway.

So, is this a fiction? or a fact?!

It’s a fact for those who believe! World is always having assumptions about anything, that a king is always have “bling-bling” life; success is when you’re the most powerful person in your area, or whether you are a smart person; people will like you if you have a handsome/pretty face, you are rich, your skin is white like milk (hahaha..); and many more 🙂

Well, the main point Jesus’ come to the world is to save us, the sinful creature but there’s also (at least from my perspective) that He came for. He wanted to break everything that people get in their mind about “world’s perspective” like said before. He said that you’re His eyeball; you are beautiful no matter who you are; it’s not success of this world’s that count, but how we live in Him and how we obey to Him that’s make you success; and many more (find it in the compass of life, bible).

So, the same thing is go on for the Christmas present. For we have received the most wonderful Christmas present, as Christ has born to us; how about we with the thankful heart share what we have in life with others ? I don’t know what God has tell you to give, so just ask Him, what do you want for Christmas, Jesus?

well, We still have 10 more days to go 😀

Hope you will get the meaning of Christmas and have your heart full of His love as you also share His love with other people 🙂

~when I write this, I remember this verse, when Samuel is going to enthrone David as a king of Israel and God sees him a little bit don’t believe who God has chosen, so that God says this : “I do not vote like a human judge. Man looks fine, but I see the heart.”~

Have a wonderful Christmas with the “main-leading” person of Christmas, Jesus himself 😀


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