bye grandpa,, happy to know You’re with Him now :)

Hmm,, today i just hear bad news from my mom that tell me my grandpa has gone,,

what a shocking phonecall, at 3am..

i’ve already had bad feeling since last night my mom called and told me that my grandpa is unconscious when he attended my relatives marriage proposal;since he never get sick that have to bring him to the hospital like yesterday.

well, everything just so fast,, and suddenly 7 hours later my mother call me to tell that bad news >.<

my grandpa has died coz his heart disease

really feel sad for this, remember how wise my grandpa was, how kind he is to me, and many thing

ypu know what, i remember that once i prayed like this : “LOrd, please make my grandpa healthy and he can come to my graduation day ” , but the answer is, God had call him sooner,, in fact God need him more than me 🙂

i don’t regret it, i know God plans the best for me,,

and i know that my grandpa has together with my Jesus, that’s really what i thank for

yes, i’ll meet him again, one day..

i just could pray that God gives us strength to overcome this :0

no need to be sad, coz my grandpa has really happy beside Him now

Bye grandpa,, i’m really thankful that God has give me grandpa like you

love you 🙂


One thought on “bye grandpa,, happy to know You’re with Him now :)

  1. yoshee 23 November 2008 pukul 8:01 am Reply

    you’ve been tagged!
    liat postingan baru gw..

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